People say the nicest things!

"My centre has been running the Pyjama Drama classes for the past 3 years and I am very pleased with what they bring in their programme. The imaginary stories they bring in work very well in getting the children to think besides having fun. The activities come in with lively music and songs related to the activity for the day which captures children's attention and gets them actively involved with loads of fun. The children are enthusiastic and look forward to their weekly class which is conducted by joyful teachers." Indra, Principal, Taska Sinaran Ceria Montessori, Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya

"We've been engaging the Pyjama Drama programme for 6 months now in Little Treasure Playschool and our kids love and look forward for Wednesday's because that's our Pyjama Drama day! Our kids have developed so much in terms of their confidence, imagination and speech as well. Ms. Karen and Ms. Iman are excellent facilitators and have patience working with the children. The most exciting part is when the kids go home and tell their parents what they've learned or did during Pyjama Drama and I get feedback from the parents as well! It's a good and fun programme!" - Sarah Nelson, Principal, Little Treasure Playschool, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

"Pyjama Drama is a great programme which lets kids use their imagination using play pretend. The facilitators focuses on the kids' individual development instead of how well a child can perform in class. My child is really excited to tell me what she's learnt in class and has even requested for me to do the same at home! Ms. Karen and Ms. Shanie are so loving and dedicated and this is such a great programme." - Teow Wan Yeong, Parent

"Jun Xian enjoys himself very much during the Pyjama Drama sesison. Although he does not speak much about what he's learnt in school, I have noticed that he has improved in his speech and is very imaginative now. " Mr. Leong, Parent

"My kiddo joined Pyjama Drama since last year. So he was very excited to know that he could continue online during this MCO period with his favorite teachers and let his imagination run wild playing hide and seek, playing drums, going for picnic and hiding from grizzly bears. Mummy loves it when he interacts and let's his imagination run loose. The teachers all make the classes so fun and interactive. We simply love Pyjama Drama.Anita Loi, Parent

"My daughter loves the sessions, it gives her something to look forward to during the MCO. She dances, observes, imitates actions and she has also learned to pick up expressions. I've always wanted to enrol her but we live 20km away from the nearest outlet. Kudos Pyjama Drama, for offering online sessions!" Shal Murthy, Parent

"I joined the online classes for my 4 year old and she loved it. Today was the last out of the three day session and we would definitely recommend this! Glad to be a part of Pyjama Drama!" Vithiya Nishanthen, Parent

"Hi! Sharing some snippets of Jasmine Afrina (2 years 10 months old) enjoying her first Pyjama Drama session. By the way, we had a couple friends saying that they registered for the next Pyjama Drama session after watching these snippets on my Instagram. It was truly a fun session!" Sharifah Syazreen, Parent