Drama and the National Curriculum

The benefits of drama and the power of imaginative play are becoming increasingly recognised, and as such, many nurseries, preschools and schools place real value on these areas. The Pyjama Drama programme fully supports the National Curriculum, providing a vehicle for educators to develop these important skills in children within their setting in a fun and engaging way. 

In England, The Foundation Stage for children up to the age of five stresses the importance of learning through play and summarises each child's learning into Areas of Learning and Development - three prime areas and four specific areas:

Prime areas (the knowledge and skills which are considered the foundation for children's school readiness):

    Communication and language
    Physical development
    Personal, social and emotional development

Specific areas (curriculum providers must also support children in four distinct areas, through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied):

    Understanding the world
    Expressive arts and design

In Malaysia, nursery principals and teachers love the fact that our programme supports the Malaysian pre-school curriculum (kurikulum standard prasekolah). Children are encouraged to learn through play in these Areas of Learning:

    Creative development
    Physical development
    Personal, social and emotional development
    Knowledge and understanding of the world
    Language, communication and literacy
    Mathematical development
    Bilingualism and multi-cultural understanding

Because children develop at such astonishing speeds, we have three different classes:

*Raindrops  : two to three years old

*Rainbows   : three to four years old

*Sunbeams : five to seven years old 

Pyjama Drama offers hundreds of sessions on a huge range of themes and every week is a different adventure! We also have special sessions to support calendar events such as Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Hari Merdeka