24th March 2015

Today is a good day. Spring has sprung, we've just won an award, the sun is shining and (drum roll please!) Pyjama Drama has just launched in Australia! We can't believe it either but are delighted to announce that Pyjama Drama classes will start in the Northern Suburbs, Perth in West of the country this April.

Headed up by Amanda Plumridge (above) who previously ran a Pyjama Drama franchise in Exeter in the UK, Amanda has recently upped sticks with her husband and two girls, aged 14 and 10. Explaining the move overseas Amanda says, 'I have always dreamed of running my own business and living in Australia. Back in 2013, my dream of running my own business came true when I launched Pyjama Drama in Exeter and I loved every minute of it. When at the end of last year I was offered the chance of moving to Perth, I knew I had to find a way to make it happen. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving Pyjama Drama and all its possibilities behind, so I sold my business in Exeter and approached Sarah about taking the business with me!'

Amazingly, Amanda only moved to Perth in February so to be launching Pyjama Drama just a couple of months later is a testament to her obvious grit and determination. 'I just like to get things done', says Amanda, 'What's the point of spending your life dreaming when with a little bit of effort and imagination you can turn those dreams into reality?' We couldn't agree more, as Einstein once said, 'Imagination will take you everywhere'...

Have fun!