People say the nicest things!

"We've had the Pyjama Drama programme for 6 months now in Little Treasure PlaySchool and our kids love and look forward to every Wednesday because that's our Pyjama Drama Day! Our kids have developed so much in terms of their confidence, imagination and their fluency in speech. Ms. Karen and Ms.Iman are excellent facilitators and has patience working and developing the children. The most exciting part is that the kids go home to tell their parents all about Pyjama Drama and the parents love it as well! It's such a good and fun programme!."  - Sarah Nelson, Principal of Little Treasure Playschool, Tanjung Bungah, Penang


"Izzany misses going to your pyjama drama class!"  - Nurkhairunnisa Bt Azizan, Parent


"Pyjama Drama is a great programme which encourages children to use their imagination to pretend and bring their stories to life! The session leaders focuses on the children's development and improvement instead of how well they've performed in class. Karen and Shanie are really dedicated and loving as they will update me on how my daughter has progressed in class and they even record the songs too so that I can sing it with her! She gets really excited to tell me what she's learnt in class and I love how I am able to bring home Pyjama Drama and continue the fun at home! Thank you so much and once again, this is such a great programme!"  - Teow Wan Yeong, Parent


"When I first got to know about Pyjama Drama, I was really curious to know what it's all about because there was nothing like it in Penang! So I decided to give a shot and enrolled my son...and I loved it ever since! The talented and experienced drama facilitators, Karen, Shanie and Iman are a pocket full of sunshine! They are always enthusiastic and all the children love them. Pyjama Drama's drama and imaginative play approach has definitely made a positive impact on young children's mental and physical development!" - Swen Lin, Parent

"Pyjama Drama classes have offered a new perspective to imaginary play at my Centre. We have found that the children have become more confident and expressive in their social development. The drama facilitators have high energy levels required to keep the children actively involved with each session which uses a variety of imaginary scenarios that interests them!" - Indra, Principal of Taska Sinaran Ceria Montessori, Petaling Jaya

"Both of my kids have been attending Pyjama Drama ever since they started weekly classes in Penang in 2016! My kids took some time to warm up to the new environment and friends but they can now participate really well in class and they truly enjoy every minute of a Pyjama Drama class! I sit in class with them most of the time and I like how natural and enthusiastic the teachers are in bringing the children's imagination to life with their exciting adventures, songs and musical instruments which helps develop their imagination and creativity!" - Sarah Tan, Parent